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*How do you know you have been using online casinos too much? When customer services calls YOU for help!

**An old man and his son had a small country mini- market, which barely made them a cent. Then, one day, the son hit the lottery and won $100,000. The young man collected the money, and ran home to tell his father. He ran into the shop, to tell his father the news. Happily, he handed his father a $100 bill. The father then exclaimed, "Son, you know I've always been careful with money. I was able to take this little amount and make a store to make a living to take care of you, and ma, and one day give the business to you. Other than that I didn’t spend money on anything else. Even when it came to your ma, I couldn’t even afford a marriage license.” "Pa, the son yelled, Do you know what that makes me?" The father sadly looking at the $100 said “Yeah, and a cheap one at that.”

***Q How does a patient know he’s in trouble with his poker playing doctor?

A. When he realizes that the doctor has a good hand.
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